Access Control System For Home & Business

Which Access Control System Is Most Suitable For Your Business

Having an access control system will guarantee the security of any business. It allows business owners to decide who are the ones who can access their facilities. Every physical workspace from their storage to job site workspaces will have areas that must be restricted from some individuals. 

Whether you are limiting access to the parking lot in your building or protecting the inventory in your warehouse, having an access control system will make it easier for you to automate, set, and make revisions to your access permission from buildings, rooms, and much more. Here is the best access control system for any business owner.

“Almost everyone has their smartphones with them all the time; having a touch-less phone system is convenient. You or your employees will no longer worry about carrying extra plastic cards or fobs anywhere, and they won’t worry about losing something important.”

The best access control system for nearly all business

Any businesses that have a physical location might benefit from having their access control system. Eliminate them all together, and straightforward solutions modernize keys. And even at this critical level, it keeps customers, employees, and even visitors where they should be. 

However, the access control systems come in different sizes and shapes, from a simple key replacement to solid solutions for all businesses with hundreds of locations all over the country and anything in between. 

Whether you want to restrict a person from roaming around your building, you are handling sensitive information, tired of using any traditional key, want to eliminate any unnecessary distraction in the entire day, or you need security measures for your business security, there are control access solutions that will match every business owner’s needs.

While it is best for police headquarters, military buildings, government institutions, and medical facilities, the access control system utilizes goes beyond anyone with strict security needs. 

Even if you are tired of forgetting your keys at home or locking yourself, any business access control system is a cheap way to modernize your business’s security. It can even be helpful for schools, hotels, corporate headquarters, offices, and much more. In addition, there are gate intercom or gate access systems that you can use.

Here are some excellent access control systems for most business owners.


If you are looking for a cloud-based business access control system, this is perfect for you, and it was launched in 2012. Since the launch of Kisi, it became famous quickly, and it was a modern way for any business owner to maintain their security physically and company-wide.

Like any access control system, Kisi also has physical cards and key fobs. However, it is much more known through its smartphone touchless access control system. It is easy, modern, and created to work with any door you have. 

Almost everyone has their smartphones with them all the time; having a touch-less phone system is convenient. You or your employees will no longer worry about carrying extra plastic cards or fobs anywhere, and they won’t worry about losing something important.



Envoy was created for solving traditional office areas with several access control products, and it includes solutions for desk reservation, visitor management, room management, and delivery management. It works in tandem to make the best access control solution. 

However, its visitor management solution is more influential on its own, and it makes it the most excellent option for any traditional office environment that allows several visitors. It includes everything a business owner needs to know who is going and coming, whenever they arrive, and why they visit your place. 

Today one of the newest features of Envoy is a questionnaire created for visitors to stop the spread of Covid-19. You are allowed to set up the automated survey that can also deny access to any visitors depending on their answers. It also comes with touch-less sign-ins, which promotes social distancing. 


Johnson Controls started in 1885, and they are the global leader in the security space of any business. It is a provider that has an enormous portfolio of creating software, products, services, and technology in the business area; it also includes access control systems. 

The company is the number one choice for multisite and larger businesses that have complex needs. It is the best fit for an access control system that needs multi-location compatibility and large buildings.


Millions of business owners trust HID Global throughout 100 and more countries around the world. They are known for their services related to asset tracking, identity verification, and access control. Its access control system helps ensure the safety of people, resources, and assets. 

HID Global also provides one of the most modern access control system solutions in the market nowadays. It is currently used in defense, government, banking, healthcare, transportation, education, and much more. In addition, it is a system that ensures a safe environment for contractors, visitors, and employees.  


ISONAS is one of the unique solutions in the market nowadays. They are offering a “pure IP” access control system. More than 50,000+ ISONAS access control readers are installed in industries such as healthcare, government, education, and multi-tenant organizations. 

The system of ISONAS relies on any existing network of wiring on any control panels located to each door. It is minimal hardware that is a cost-effective solution for any small business. The installation of ISONAS is easy, and they also have an option such as web-based training for a much more cost-effective way.


Vanderbilt Industries is also part of the leaders when it comes to the business security area. They are offering solutions for video management, access control, and even intrusion detection.

You can utilize the system in any massive range of use cases. The industry comes with all the hardware and software that you might need to ensure the security of your facilities. It includes door modules, controllers, credentialing systems, signal modules, standalone systems, and much more. 


Nowadays, security is essential for everyone from their residence to their businesses. It keeps any harm away from anyone you are valuing or assets that are important to you. There are several ways you can protect your physical business, and having an access control system is one of securing everything in your industry. You may also want to use gate intercom or gate access systems for your properties.