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What’s Included In The Cost To Install Iron Fence?

Installing an iron fence is a marvelous decision in our books. But, if you’ve already willing to contact an iron fence installer, you probably already wonder about the iron fence installation cost.

Installing an iron fence is a marvelous decision in our books. But, if you’ve already willing to contact an iron fence installer, you probably already wonder about the iron fence installation cost. 

In this article, we will drill down into the different aspects of the price quote, helping you further understand what needs to get the most of your attention and calculate if the offer truly stands to your needs, concerns, and budget.

The Factors Behind the Fence Installation Cost Factors

When getting the price quote for the project, you should notice five significant points you should consider.

The Parts – Those are the materials used to build your iron fence. Some of them can be acquired by you, but take into account that a good company has a discount privilege, so you should check both options before buying. Please note that this cost is also the build complexity: i.e., fences created using the chain-link barriers cost less, while aluminum and wrought iron costs are the highest in this criteria.

Permits – Many municipal institutions require a permit before you can begin. The average price for this persists at around 800$.

Utilities – Many infrastructures such as telephone and electric lines are built near and around houses, and a prior checkup is needed to ensure nothing will be harmed. It’s better to find an issue beforehand rather than striking a pipe and having to pay significantly for the damage.

Grading – Some terrains require additional work to allow the installation of an iron fence, and if that’s the case, costs will increase. 

Labor – After all is said and done, many precious work hours are invested into the project. This sum is meant for the professional behind the job, and the better they are, the higher you’ll pay.

Besides those, other attributes taken into account are the fence’s height and the size of your property.

Height Matters

A regular fence is usually six feet high, providing you protection from unwanted views from most people and keeping most pets away from your lawn. The payment here will be calculated per linear foot, and if you’re into an iron fence design, you’re expected to pay more than the standard rate (about 7$ per linear foot for metal/chain and 26$ for aluminum, with a minimum of 10$ of labor cost per linear foot for both types).

Size Does Too

The iron fence company will factor in your project by charging you per square foot, and that’s why you should always measure your area as accurately as possible (While avoiding stepping in your neighbor’s property and having legal issues). Incorrect measures can also mean that you’ll run out of supplies, and that’s why you should consult with a land surveyor to ensure that you’re doing things by the book. While this one will cost you (Usually around 300-700$), this one will grant you priceless calmness that you didn’t do anything wrong.

Diving into Materials

In the world of fences, you can have various estimations based on the material itself, and here are some popular choices and the numbers that you’ll need to crunch if you want them in your household.

Chain & Metal Fences: 1,100-2,300$

Suppose you’re planning on a basic model. In that case, chain-link fences are an excellent choice thanks to their affordable price, long-term lifespan, and minimal maintenance requirements that are achieved with an easy installation process. However, if you’re into the aesthetics department, you may wish to try another version. 

This type divides into several options for your choosing, with the average price being 14-19$ per linear foot:

Metal-coated: Simple, economical, and widespread thanks to the first two reasons

Color-coated: Same concept as the first, only with a spark of color to give it a more sophisticated look

Estate Fencing: This one has its focus on better design. If you’re into having a pretty border, check this one out.

Iron Fence Installation

Wire Fencing

This is another inexpensive, low-maintenance option you can discover, and they serve as a terrific method to mark your property’s borders and keep pets and pests away. Thanks to their lower cost, they serve as a great selection for companies who need the mileage without having to pay too much, but you can also find it in many homes.

After the setup is through, you’re good to go. Dirt can easily be removed with a water stream or by waiting for the rain to come, and it is known that the temperature spectrum doesn’t harm it. Another virtue is that you can find various styles to pick from, including a high-security heavy-gauge wire fence that fits those who wish to use the same preferences as law enforcing agencies and institutions that prefer this type of fencing.

Privacy Fences

If you have a fence, it means that you’re probably keen on keeping your privacy. This type of fence keeps any pesky set of eyes from viewing what you have in your yard, and you’re more than welcome to use them to create different divisions in your property.

This type of fence requires installing fence posts that usually cost around 3-5$ per instance, with a labor cost of 30-33$ per hour. 

Aluminum Fence: 2,000-5,000$

As you can see, this one is way more expensive, but for a reason – It gives you a fair value for money. It has a much more elegant look and gives you the peace and quiet that you want to get by installing it in the first place. This type requires more maintenance than those mentioned before, but some of it can be saved by powder coating the aluminum and giving it better protection against weather-inducted damage. The price for this setup ranges from 22$ to 32$ per linear foot and has higher labor costs.

Wrought Iron Fences: 100-300$ per Linear Foot

You’re not reading it wrong. This is the price for one of the most expensive types of fences you can get. However, while it can be considered as a premium solution, you must take its disadvantages into account:

It can become rusty, so if you’re living in a rainy area, you may want to try another option.

The dent rate of this type is much quicker compared to other classes we’ve mentioned.

It can cost a small fortune for any respectable size of property.

Besides those, this type of fence serves its purpose exceptionally. It’ll grant you reliable support and a sense of security, with a striking look that counts as another terrific advantage.

Pick the Type and the Team

At Valley One Gates iron fence company, we offer the best solutions for your security needs, offering all the best types of iron fencing for your choice. We have all the needed services, set from installation to maintenance under one roof, so you can enjoy a complete experience and get a satisfaction pack that’ll prove that you’ve invested your money in the right place. Feel free to contact us now by leaving your details below – We’ll return to you to give you an obligation-free price quote.