Popular Types of Automatic Gates

What are the Most Popular Types of Automatic Gates

The need for solutions that can increase our security has always been on the priority list, and that’s why there’s no wonder that modern technology has managed to create advanced options.

The need for solutions that can increase our security has always been on the priority list, and that’s why there’s no wonder that modern technology has managed to create advanced options. Today, any household, property, and institution can install to create the optimal safety experience for beloved souls and valuable possessions: The automatic gate.

This vast family includes various models consisting of the materials they are based on, different attributes, and different functionality advantages that they bring to the table. In this article, we have summed up the most popular kinds, and all that’s left to do from here is make your educated decision regarding the option that suits best according to your properties, budget, needs, and so on. 

Automatic Swing Gates

When you’re thinking about an automatic gate (Or any gate for that matter), you’re probably seeing this layout in your mind. This classic design is based upon having two doors that swing to separate from each other to grant access and go in the opposite direction to prevent any unwelcome attendants from trespassing (Similar to a hinged door).

While its popularity arises because it works the way it was intended for eons, you still need to check if you have what’s required to begin the automated gate installation. First, ensure that the terrain on both sides is even and that there’s enough room to allow the automatic gate’s doors to open and close in full. 

Automatic Sliding Gates

This one was quite to get back in ancient times, but today you can have it in your household without any problems. The sliding gate is based on rollers that allow the gate’s door to move from one side to another and vice versa. 

Compared to other gates, this is probably the safest one – It’s much harder to try and bend this gate’s layout or open it by force. Besides that, this gate has minor possible breaches compared to more traditional options, so if that’s what you’re after, we highly recommend that you’ll check this asset. In addition, this type of gate doesn’t require much space beside the door itself, allowing small homes and pavements to enjoy increased security without compromising.

You can also find sliding doors that operate on motors. The final result is quite the same, so if you want to pick the best version for your home, you should probably consult a professional that can determine what will suit you best in the long run.

Automatic Vertical Lift Gates

Those are the ones you usually see in stores, garages, and parking lots. While the sliding door will move from right to left (Or the other way around), this one’s going up and down, thanks to a vertical support tower that controls the role of who can come in and get out.

Same as the sliding gate type, this one can be installed where there’s not much space, to begin with, with the additional advantage of being able to operate even if the terrain isn’t evened out. Even if you don’t have this infrastructure and can afford other types of automated gates, you should know that this method is considered to be reliable and quick. However, please make sure to install enough counterweights beforehand so the gate’s lifespan can be increased further.

Also, make sure first to witness how the gate will open and close and if there’s a need for a buffer that needs to be kept between those who enter and the door itself.

Electric Gate Types

Automatic Bi-folding Gates

If you thought that folds and swings require two doors, think again. This modern design consists of one door made from two panels that were hinged together. When activated, the gate’s door will move and fold into itself, revealing the path for the authorized visitor.

This one is also considered quick and efficient, but due to its unique orbit, you need to notice that there aren’t any obstacles that may harm the gate or prevent it from fully opening.

Telescopic Sliding Gates

While the idea is similar to the original sliding gate, this structure separates the sliding door into multiple fragments that move from right to left or left to right while also moving each segment to a different line. This creates a row of gate “entities” that return to become one long gate door after closing.

While the operation seems similar, you do need to factor that you’ll have to spare more space where the gate parts collide to ensure that the opening process will go on without any issues that may cause trouble. 

Cantilever Sliding Gates

Same practice, other infrastructure. This type of gate is based on weights that get shifted around to create the openings and closing effects.

Due to this, you can find Cantilever solutions in wide openings, primarily in facilities and institutions rather than private households.

After Picking the Gate Type, it's Time to Choose the Right Gate Contractor

Whenever if you’re into a new automated gate or looking for someone who can grant you mechanical gate repair services, the team of Valley One Gates is more than happy to give you a hand and promote you with the best-automated gate solutions one can find on the market. 

We have gathered the most professional and skillful personnel, emphasizing years of knowledge and experience. All of our members are accompanied by a warm sense of giving you premium-level service and ensuring that you’ll get what you want and need civilly. We believe in giving you the result of our hard work proving itself worthy for years and even decades to come.

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