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We are a sales, repair, and installation company for driveway solar gates and every type of automatic driveway gate.

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We are a sales, repair, and installation company for driveway solar gates and every type of automatic driveway gate.

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Looking for an electric gate installer? Here’s a green and eco-friendly option. We provide solar-powered electric driveway gate solutions that provide you with both privacy and security.

What are Solar Powered Gates?

The solar gate opener relies on the energy provided by the sun for its operation. Considering that it is a renewable energy device, you will be able to save money since it does not require electricity. The solar gate opener is a popular choice among rural homeowners since it safeguards them from blackouts and power outages. There are many benefits of these devices, but there are also some things that you should be aware of before installing one. We have compiled a guide to assist you in finding the best solar gate opener.

Driveway Solar Gates Installation

Based on your requirements, budget, and needs, we can install a brand new driveway gate for you. Identifying your goals and the specifics of the location will be our first step. We will then determine the most suitable solution for you without compromising on safety or functionality.

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The features of a solar gate opener 

When purchasing a solar gate opener, there are a few things to keep in mind. Capacity is the first factor to consider.

In terms of solar gate openers, they can be divided into three categories: light, medium, and heavy duty. A gate opener should be able to handle your gate’s length and weight based on the capacity you require. 

It is important to consider the type of gate opener you would like. A single swing, a dual swing, a single slide, and a dual slide are the four most common types of doors. It is possible, for example, for some kits to include batteries and remote controls. Even though you can purchase the components separately, it is more convenient to have them all together in one package.

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It does not matter whether you have a driveway gate for security reasons or just because you want to enhance the appearance of your home. It is likely that you don’t want to get out of your vehicle every time to open the gate manually. Make your life easier and more efficient with a solar-powered gate. 


Solar Powered Gate Openers


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Viking solar swing gate operator is perfect for applications where A/C power is not available. The controller has its very own 12 volt power management system to use its solar regulators to its fullest potential.  Solar will allow for soft stop and soft start for smooth and accurate operation. The chassis comes with spacious room, enough to fit a 35 amp hour battery without the need to purchase a separate enclosure.


Heavy Duty Gate Openers for Maximum Security

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The LiftMaster / Chamberlain LA-412-D Dual Gate Opener is a low voltage system, eliminating the need to run expensive 110 volt AC power wire to your gate. The solar panel (20 Watt Panel included) charges the battery, so there is no reason to run wire to any other power source. Furthermore, the LA-412-D meets the high safety standards of UL 325 listing for a reliable, safe gate opening device.

Liftmaster Solar Gate Opener

Liftmaster Solar Gate Opener

The advantages of solar gate openers

In order to gain a deeper understanding of solar gate openers, let us review their key advantages. 

Installs quickly and easily

A solar powered gate opener eliminates the need to assemble heavy duty gears. Additionally, dual swing gates are easy to install on models with dual swing gates. Compared to manual gate openers, electric gate openers require more maintenance. As an example, you will have to run cables underground or hire an electrician to install them.

Efficacious and cost-effective

Cost-effectiveness is one of the benefits of solar gate openers. Due to its use of solar energy, your electricity bill will be reduced as a result. Over the past few years, solar-powered gates have become more affordable. There has been a significant reduction in the cost of manufacturing photovoltaic (PV) panels over the past decade. 

Protection from power outages

In the event of a power outage, you will not have to worry about your gate being powered by solar energy. Even in adverse weather conditions, the solar gate will operate smoothly. In contrast, an electric gate may short circuit during adverse weather conditions. 

Environmentally friendly

The use of solar power gates is environmentally friendly. By installing one, you will be able to reduce your environmental impact. There are no clean energy sources available to generate electricity, as it is powered by coal or nuclear power. An electric gate opener powered by solar energy reduces your carbon footprint since solar energy is a renewable energy source.

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