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General Questions:

What areas do you service?

We service all over the Bay Area.

How long have you been in business?

We have 15 years combined experience in this industry.

Do you service or maintain equipment installed by other companies?

Yes. Our experienced techs are equipped and knowledgeable in all leading models and brands in the industry.

Does Valley One Gates & Access do work for gated communities or commercial properties?


What is covered under your service agreement?

Each project varies in products, warranty and other coverages.

What is your typical response time?


Do I have to be home when you come?

Depending on the situation, we can schedule for a technician to come out and call/video chat with you while he is on site.

Why choose Valley One Gates & Access?

We pride ourselves on providing the best service, communication and pricing.

Are your technicians cleared for high-security locations?


Do you offer financing?

No, unfortunately we do not offer financing at this time.

I live in a community with a Homeowners Association (HOA). Are there rules I need to follow?

Yes, you will need to check with your HOA what rules need to be followed when doing your project.

Do I need a permit, and where do I get one?

If your project requires a permit you will need to contact the City to obtain one. We can help you with that.


I have an idea in mind for my gate design – can you help me execute?

Yes, we offer custom gates and fences service.

I want to design my gate from scratch. Are you able to work with my architect?

Yes, we can also provide a drawing if you want to work directly with us on the design.

What if I have an inclined driveway?

We are able to provide a gate that will go uphill with special hinges and openers to fit the angle.

What type of driveway gate equipment do you install or service?

We service and install iron, chainlink, aluminum and iron combined with wood gates (Sliding and Swinging Gates) and fences. 
As for openers we install and service a wide range of brands from Liftmaster to All-O-Matic and many others in between.

How can I operate my driveway gate manually?

Every opener has a manual switch or a pedal release to operate the gate manually.

What should I do if my power goes out?

Most of the openers we install have a battery backup in case of power loss, the opener should be able to run on the battery backup for a few days depending on the gate traffic.

Can I help prevent lightning from damaging my equipment?

We install a ground wire to protect the equipment from lightning.

What do I do if I have a problem with my driveway gate?

Put the gate on manual until you can have a technician come out to resolve the issue.

How much time does it take to install an automatic gate?

The installation time to install an automatic gate is between 1-3 days.

How long does a gate last?

Depending on the material used, location and weather a gate can last anywhere between 10-40 years.

What can I do when my gate stops working?

Check the breaker from the house to make sure the power is on, next check if there are any objects in the way of the gate, after that check all of the safety sensors to make sure they are not blocked by anything. Once that is complete, call immediately to schedule for a technician to come out.

What safety features are mandatory?

Photo Eye Sensor – to protect from accidents. 
Fire Department Access Keyswitch – to provide access to the local fire department in case of emergency.

What type of material is the best for my gate?

We offer Iron, aluminum or iron combined with wood. If you are looking for more privacy we would suggest Iron combined with wood, if you are looking for a more open view we would suggest iron or aluminum. Also good to consider the weather in the city you are located in, for example Pacifica we would suggest to use Duplex system material which is galvanized steel with powder coating to prevent rust due to the extreme weather.

Can I Install my gate opener without any help?

Automatic gate openers should be installed by a professional due to electrical shocks that can happen during the installation.
 Also other safety issues, which is why we recommend to always call a professional.

In which ways can my automatic gate open?

Automatic gates can open in various directions including- Slide, swing and in uphill circumstances the gate can open swinging uphill.

How can I trigger my automatic gate to open or to close?

Basic trigger methods are remotes (Clickers), exit loop sensors which automatically open the gate once the car is over them and wifi app control system.

What kind of maintenance do I need to do?

We suggest doing maintenance every 2 years if it is a residential property, as for commercial properties or high traffic properties we suggest every 6 months.

How much does a new driveway gate cost?

New driveway gates differ in pricing due to: design, measurements, material and equipment.

What gate opener brands do you service?

Liftmaster, Viking, All-O-Matic, Doorking, FAAC, BFT, HySecurity, Eagle and Elite.

Do I need to know where I want to put any gates?

Yes, not every location is ideal for installing a gate.

Do I need a permit, and where do I get one?

 If your project requires a permit you will need to contact the City to obtain one. We can help you with that.


Can I purchase only the materials for my fence?

No, unfortunately we do not offer this service.

Can you repair damage to my existing fence?

Yes, depending on the material of the fence and size of the damage.

Do you install fences during the winter months?


Do your fence products have a warranty?


What if I have landscaping near where my fence is being installed?

We will make sure to not damage any landscaping around the area during our service or installation.

Will you tear down & haul away my current fence?


What if I don't have a copy of my plat of survey?

You will need to contact the County in which you live in to obtain a copy.

What is a plat of survey and why do I need one for my fence?

A plat of survey is a document in which the property lines are shown so that you can know where you are able to install fencing.

How high can the fencing be?

Typically, up to six feet but each city has its own rules on how high fencing can be and the material.

What is JULIE, and do I have to call them?

JULIE is a not-for-profit corporation that provides contractors, excavators, homeowners, and others who may be disturbing the earth, with a free service phone number to call for the locating and marking of underground utility facilities.

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