Common Automatic Gate Problems

Common Electric Gate Problems You Should Know

Common Electric Gate Problems

Gate is one of the essential things that are capable of securing one’s household. Its availability shall decrease the possibility of intrusion around the vicinity of your home. The existence of a gate will also deviate strangers from landing feet on your property. 

With that said, living in the comfort of your own home will make you feel at ease. But, as days go by, eventually, one of your many household properties will undergo deficiency. And, knowing that everything is maintained and secured is one of the essential things everyone should master. 

“Experiencing power outages is unavoidable, especially if there is inclement weather or electrical maintenance around the area. Automatic gates are high maintenance and do need electricity supply most of the time. Securing another source of power might be an option to prevent causing trouble with it.”

Automatic Electric Gates

Electric gates are preferred in these times, mainly because people aim to lessen gate problems or gate repairs. Planning to purchase a new entrance will enlighten you to improve the ones you have in your home. Yet, securing a gate is as essential as becoming aware of the issues that might arise with it. 

Even with the latest technologies, electric gates are not an exemption from having their flaws. That’s why it’s vital to know the concerns and take preventive measures. The common automatic gate problems are as follows:

Odd Noise

Different factors might contribute to the cause of the noises coming from your gate. Even newly built gates tend to create unnecessary and annoying noises. Some elements are because it is ragged, misassembled, or old. However, there are instances that you can’t figure out the reason behind it.

As the house owner, you can fix it by checking the gate and knowing the root cause of the noise. It can be good to have the gate scheduled for a check-up or maintenance to lessen the headache it can bring. If not certain what to do, a professional can help you provide assistance or service depending on what you need.

Gate Stopped Working

Same with the odd noise, different factors can contribute to this cause. If experienced frequently, it can be troublesome, and you might just want to fix the problem immediately. Below are some of the contributing factors for a gate to stop working:

Power Outage

Experiencing power outages is unavoidable, especially if there is inclement weather or electrical maintenance around the area. Automatic gates are high maintenance and do need electricity supply most of the time. Securing another source of power might be an option to prevent causing trouble with it.

Manual Mode

Gates might have defaulted to manual mode as a cause of a power outage, battery, or remote problems. Often, owners do not have the time to have a quick check on it and will later found out that the gate stopped working. It is easy to speculate that it stopped functioning due to the mentioned causes; however, it is still essential to have these check by a professional.

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Faulty Sensors

The following can be the cause for faulty sensors:

Sensors are blocked

Pests and insects can be a source of blockage to sensors. It will lead to difficulty distinguishing the system and prevents it from operating smoothly. Thus, a simple wiping and cleaning of the sensor are beneficial.

Solid obstructions

Moss, grasses, pieces of plastics, and rocks can affect the obstruction of sensors. Debris of shattered glass and dirt from the dust can be an addition to this. Substantial obstacles can also lead to more significant damage if not monitored and managed daily. 

You can avoid those mentioned above primarily by detaching the unnecessary waste lingering around the gate. Moreover, it is good to have it physically and visually inspected so it can work properly. Also, calling for the help of an expert can help the work get done in a short period and with good quality.

Valley One Gates and Access is here for you

Herewith, Valley One Gates and Access is one of the reliable providers in this field, rating a 5-star view from clients. They have not limited to assisting you in your gate repair and installation concerns but also with the following services:

Gate Fabrication

Fabricating your gate is an advantage since it provides sturdy and well-built quality and can withstand powerful impact. Some people choose to have their gates manufactured suitable for aesthetic purposes.

Gate Installation

Installing a household gate is convenient for a family and can provide safety when going and out of your premises.

Gate Repair

Repairs are helpful to avoid massive damage to your gate caused by a lack of maintenance and checking. A tight schedule or limited knowledge in repairing one can cause delay for it to function correctly; that’s why it would mean no harm to sometimes call for an expert.

Gate Openers

It’s much more convenient to choose a secure gate opener, especially when you’re lazy or feel it’s tiring to open the gate, then this is the solution. Gate openers are worth it for some since they can last for about ten years.

Access Systems

The advantage of access systems includes conserving money and energy, eliminating the everyday use of keys, providing protection from unwanted guests, increasing ease of access, and has easy to manage systems.


Fences can add value to your property and may reduce the curb appeal to your home. Installing a high-quality fence keeps unwanted noise from your yard and establishes boundaries for potential overstepping neighbors and pets. It can also protect you from unwanted infiltration as your first line of protection.

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Free Inspection

The Valley One Gates and Access have trained experts in providing good quality service to their clients. The company assures that they will satisfactorily target their end outcomes as expected with their service line. Different clients and partners with the most well-known brands can be living proof of their quality service. 

The good thing about their company is that they are operating 24/7, and you don’t need to worry if your trouble and concerns with your gate will be cater. They assist in locations around San Francisco and Bay Area, CA cities, and the details of Valley One Gates and Access are state below:


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