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While many already understand the importance of a good intercom, gate opener or entry system, many still aren’t familiar with the advantages and perks of using the cellgate gate opener series of various models and utilities, set to keep you safe wherever you want, 24/7.

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Whether renting a commercial or multifamily property in a gated community, tenants place a high priority on security. What can be done to maximize security while ensuring ease of access to the property?

The possibility of a gate telephone entry system may have been discussed with you. Find out what a gate telephone entry system is, how it works, and if it is effective for controlling access to your gated property.

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How does a gate telephone entry system work?

Usually referred to as an entry telephone system, this device utilizes plain old telephone service (POTS) over a traditional telephone line in order to facilitate communication between tenants within a building and guests wishing to gain access to the gate. In addition, tenants have the option of remotely opening the gate for visitors.

The entry hardware may be installed next to the driveway, since gates are typically used to control access for cars. Providing convenient and reliable access control for outdoor gates is a complex undertaking for pedestrians and drivers.

How do gate telephone entry systems work?

Using a gate telephone entry system, a signal is transmitted from the gate station to the resident’s substation, allowing the gate to be unlocked remotely.

As part of the process, a visitor must select a tenant using a base station located at a gated entrance. There is a directory of tenants in the base station that can be accessed by visitors. To dial the tenant’s substation, most systems provide a dialing button or a code that can be entered.

The base station is then connected to a substation. An internet connection, a cellular network, a radio signal, or a wiring connection connects substations and base stations. In order to communicate with their visitor, the tenant uses the substation.

A two-way conversation can be conducted in real time between the base station and the substation via audio transmission. When gate telephone entry systems are equipped with cameras, visitors and tenants are able to see and hear one another.

Last but not least, the tenant grants entry. Tenants press a button on their substation to send an electronic signal to the motorized gate. After the gate has been unlocked, the guests can enter.

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As a provider of entry gates and installation services, our company offers a wide range of options.

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Doorking Intercom System
For Your Entrance

We install gate entry systems with image, video and other advanced functions. The decision of what system to choose, depends on the security level you are looking for and the comfort you desire in the home/ business. 

Cellgate Watchman W480

Telephone Entry System

With live streaming video, a bright, high contrast 8″ color touchscreen, QR code visitor management and SmartScreen call management, the W480 provides an impressive end user experience while simultaneously giving multi-tenant properties unique tools to manage access control. 

Watchman WXL

Live Streaming Video

Featuring the largest color touchscreen available in cellular access control, the Watchman WXL appeals to sophisticated multi-tenant property owners that appreciate modern aesthetics and a state-of-the-art user experience.

U320 4-Door Controller

Commercial Entry System

The U320 is an ideal cellular access control solution when voice or video communication are not a necessary part of your security/entry control needs. With a variety of actuation options and integration of up to 4 external cameras, the U320 is an ideal security option for many properties and budgets.

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Generally, an all-in-one telephone entry and access control system for multiple tenants can cost as much as $10,000 or more for a two-door telephone entry system. This calculation does not include the cost of installation hardware and labor. For a more accurate quote please contact us.

The hardware and software of telephone entry systems can develop problems if they are not maintained and upgraded on a regular basis. It will depend on where you purchased it as to how you will be able to repair it. It is not necessary to be concerned if the system is properly serviced. In the event that the system detects a problem, it will notify our technical team, who can resolve the problem remotely or on-site.

In general, a simple two-door telephone entry system may cost as little as $1,000 and may go as high as $10,000 or more for an all-in-one multi-tenant telephone entry and access control system. The cost of installation hardware and labor is not included in this calculation.

Almost all gate operators allow the user to switch to a manual mode in order to open the gate manually. Depending on the manufacturer, the method varies. For a chain drive slide gate, it is possible for the chain to be detached in a worst-case scenario. In the case of a swing gate, the arm that connects the operator to the gate may be detached.

Remote control devices are programmed to a receiver that can activate a gate opener in different ways depending on the manufacturer of the device. It is usually possible to enable a receiving device to “learn” a transmitter by using a “Learn” button or a program step. For programming instructions, please refer to one of our experts.

If telephone entry systems are not maintained and upgraded on a regular basis, they can develop hardware and software issues. The method of repairing it will depend on where you purchased it. If the system is fully serviced, you should not be concerned. As soon as the system detects a problem, it will alert our technical team, who will be able to resolve it remotely or on-site.

All gates require some form of power in order to open, whether that power is provided by an electrical source or by manual operation. It is possible to operate most gate operators on solar power with a battery system in the operator if the desire is not to run a high voltage power source to a remote gate.

There is a great deal of force exerted when moving the gate, so all slide gate operators require some type of pad to secure them. Various drive mechanisms are available for slide gate operators (chain drive, hydraulic rail drive, rack). Therefore, the installation process differs depending on the type of drive mechanism. It is advisable to hire a professional to install a gate operator.

A commercial door operator is a complex system, designed to integrate with a wide variety of doors, functions, and situations. Additionally, the size, weight, and number of cycles determine which type of operator is required, in addition to the type of door (Standard Sectional, Rolling Steel, etc.). It is therefore imperative that you consult with a professional installer of LiftMaster products for assistance in selecting an operator.

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