Automatic Driveway Gate Safety Tips

Everyone likes to belong to a higher status.

While this list includes various brands, sports cars, joyful vacations in exotic locations, and many other adventures, products, and services, an excellent place to start is having an automatic gate of your own.

This one is a great entry point for many reasons besides keeping you, your family, friends, valuables, or any other safe. First, it brands your property as one that not everyone can enter. Second, it gives you much more space to breathe and roam freely without any pesky neighbors or gazes from bored walkers and any other disturbance. 

Usually, those are the reasons that persuade many automatic driveway gates enthusiasts. If you’re looking for additional ones, we welcome you to visit our site and see what we can do for you. If you’re already into getting an electric gate of your own, we have various essential tips that you can use even before browsing our wide selection.

Before Buying

How to pick the most suitable gate for your cause? Here are some important pointers.

There are 4 popular materials in the automatic gate world:

Aluminum: Great for residential properties and modern homes thanks to its wonderful combination of varied looks (Both in color and design), cost-effective price, and increased durability. When you have aluminum at your gates, you don’t need to worry about rust, and the maintenance process is almost non-existent. 

Steel: This type is more durable than aluminum, but the design options are limited in comparison. Another factor you should take into account is that rust can appear quite often, but rest assured – there are modern solutions that can prevent it from happening in the first place.

Timber: This one excels in the aesthetics department, offering a rich and natural appearance. Please note that the type of tree is critical. How? For example, using Australian Hardwood can prevent warping and rot, which alone is a great reason to consider using it. However, as you can guess, this type isn’t as durable as the first two. 

Wrought Iron: This one is also a stunner that can come in various custom-made designs for your liking.

Materials are only one criterion – Are you ready for the next ones?

Sliding Driveway Gate: Operates horizontally and is great for saving space. It’s also easy to install, resulting in a grand option for inclined driveways and those who wish to maximize their surface. 

Swinging Driveway Gate: This design can be combined into more types of walls, fences, and terrain, but you must consider that the installation process is more demanding and will probably cost you more.

The Final Mix

There are more terms that you need to consider when choosing your dream automatic driveway gate: What are the preferred colors, what’s the best approach to blend it with your existing property, what’s the best design options (i.e., tubular, picket, slats, etc.) and of course – The way to access it in the first place. For example, do you prefer to use a remote controller, a PIN code, intercom, or even a manual operation? There are quite some elements here, but it’s essential to see them as a way to get the best result to fit your needs and taste. 

The Installation

Those next tips are pretty important if you want to prevent errors, issues, and cases where you’ll need to spend more for things you haven’t noticed before or needs for revisits by the professional team behind the project. So keep reading – It’ll be worth your time and money.

Map the surrounding area where your gate will be placed. Will your car or any other types of cars and vehicles will be able to wait there peacefully and advance/retreat without any hassle? Make sure to measure the width of the gate and the length of the waiting area.

In the end, it’s easy to plan what you want, but it’s harder to find what you truly need. So before looks and convenience, always remember that you need to focus on automatic gate safety and the other parts.

Automatic Gate Contractor

After Everything is Set Up and Ready to Go

Think you’ve passed the more intricate parts? Sort of. You may have passed the choosing stage and installing the gate proved itself worthy, but this one is here to stay – The maintenance stage exists as long as the electrical gate is there, and if you want it to preserve its role (Keeping you safe), you shouldn’t ignore it.

Keep it Clean: Make sure to check every 2-3 months for any mess, junk, or waste at your gate, emphasizing the electrical parts, circuits, and cables. One ounce of a mess in the wrong place can make your gate go berserk or break down, not to mention any rust damages that can occur due to not caring enough.

Luckily, the cleaning process is usually straightforward and doesn’t require more than a brush and/or a hose.

Another issue regarding this is keeping pests away. Many of those who didn’t take the time to review their electrical gates had to find out in a hard way that bees, slugs, spiders, and other insects have messed with the various mechanics. You can imagine for yourself the cost and the time needed to remove a spiderweb before anything terrible happens compared to calling an expert to fix the damage after it’s already done.

System Checkup: As everyone knows, there isn’t one device that can operate forever. Doing an annual checkup by yourself or with a dedicated service is crucial if you want to prevent problems when you least need them, and this checkup includes everything that’s part of the mechanism. 

Lubrication: Part of electric gate safety ensures that every part that needs to be lubricated is made that way. Consult the expert during the installation process and fully understand what needs to be lubricated, when, and by how much. No one likes a crooked door, let alone an automatic gate.

The Best Tip: Hire a Professional Team for the Job

The preferences and attributes will always belong to you, but when it comes to installation and any other following actions, an expert’s hand or at least mind can be the difference between a gate that does its job or a gate from hell. Our team of dedicated automatic gate pros is here to make sure your project and ambitions won’t go to waste – Leave your details below, and we’ll contact you ASAP.